Moving to Al baha


I am coming to Al baha Saudi Arabia. Has anyone been there or worked there?
I don't know anyone there and wanted to know if it is family friendly location?

Do they have nursery for my child?
Places for my wife to go and socialise with other ladies etc?
Parks and shopping malls?

I'm worried about when my family come over if they would enjoy it etc

Please reply

Baha City is the capital of the patio area and the headquarters of the emirate, and the most important cities of the Saudi tourism and agricultural and it attributed the region and is focused by the administrative and commercial gravity and by no Emirate of the region and gather where government departments, major business centers and has a population of the city of Al-Baha approximately 119,126 thousand people, distributed in the city of Al-Baha and its suburbs, and where forests abound, including: the famous Raghadan forest

I am a resident of that city, but Acunnina work in Riyadh now, her parents are good and are from rural villages and are characterized by agriculture, the region is now in the case of evolution, is a very quiet town, but I did a fantastic atmosphere

Where is your business there, in any sector
Is it in its capital Al-Baha provinces or its affiliates


Thank you for the information,

I will be working as a teaching in Al Baha University.

Al Baha University is one of the new universities there, I wish you success

It's nice city , nice weather and i like the mountains there .
If u get friends from there it's better .

Inwas in baha working at the university last year. I left in May.

I will not sugar coat anything and tell you how it really is.

Forget what people say about it being beautiful. It's just bare mountains with no developed tourism.   Life is very difficult there for the following reason.

There is no public I repeat no public transport in the whole city and district even.  The only way you will travel is by flagging down local Saudi drivers who you can't sit with your whole family. Even this you will sometimes have to wait anything from 30 minutes to 1 hour for.

The weather is harsh in the winter it gets very cold and foggy. So foggy that you can't see infront of you a few feet. This stays for a few months everyday.

Baha is really one Main Street. There is no shopping mall. One tiny building with a few shops thy call mall.

Without a car you cannot do anything.

I had no way of getting to the hospital as it's on top of a mountain and remember there is no public transport.

You cannot walk up and down mountains because of the thin air. It's impossible.

Be mindful of these things before you decide to go there. In the summer the weather is plessent but that is of no use if life is hard.

Good luck

Hello. I am living in Al Baha, i am polish woman and looking for friendship with woman. If u and ur wife are still in al baha and ur wife is feeling lonely just like me i would like to have contact to her. Magdalena.

Hi, no I am not in al-baha anymore thank Allah.

Your. Ame sounds familiar? Did you work for the university?

I wish you the best my friend?

Okay. Thank u☺

No, i am not working in the university. I am mom of two kids and staying at home.

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