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Hello all,

Does anybody know if it is easy and inexpensive to get a visit visa into KSA for my Wife and Daughter? I am working in Khobar, have an Iqama but live in Bahrain with my family. My Wife is curious and would like to come over to visit for a day but I have no idea whether it's a simple request or an absolute ordeal!???

Hi DoD,

I'm in a similar position to you, in that I work in Saudi but live in Bahrain with my wife. I have just got a visa for my wife to come to Saudi, in order for her to get an Iqama so that she can then get a proper residence in Bahrain. This had to be supported by my employer and my wife had to go through the process of returning to the UK for a medical etc. This is obviously not what you are looking for right now, but if you are intending to maintain this living/working arrangement long term, you might want to consider this option.

Now I've just got to get my wife into an abaya and across the causeway for the 3 or 4 days the process is going to take  ;)

Good luck.

Hi Mythril,

Thanks for the response and info.

My Wife is actually working in Bahrain and her CPR is currently being processed so there's no real point in her getting an Iqama. It was literally just for a daytrip, I'm guessing it will be too complicated/expensive and not worth the hassle.........

Not sure it's worth the hassle. Your company will have to sign a letter of no objection (NOC) and then do all the paperwork on your behalf which will take time.

Visa fees just doubled (at least) last weekend and you'll only get a single entry so that would be a weekend at best if the wife's working in Bahrain and your daughter is attending school there.

You have to enter within 30 days of it being issued too so plan that in if you do decide to go for it.

And there's precious little to see ... IKEA will be here in a few months anyway!

I think Sam is correct, in that it's not really worth the hassle, if your wife really wants to see Saudi, wait till they have rebuilt the observation towers on the island and then when there's a clear day take her up there to look across  :cool:

I think you'll find that IKEA is already here, just next to Dhahran Mall.

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