Travellers in Vietnam cannot stay in private house anymore???

I m just coming to Dak Lak province (eighth time already) to visit my girlfriend for 4 weeks. I got traveling visum (type AR), valued to 2020. Until now, I always stayed at home of her family and I applied for this in municipal police station. Never had problem. Today, police officer told me, until we not married, I could not stay in her house, but must stay in hotel. He would control and if not do, get be punished.
My question now: is this legal? Someone have advice, what I could do? Thanks in advance for every advice.

Basically they are shaking you down for money. As long as you are registered to stay there it's ok, but in the highlands they still do things the old way which means you're not supposed to stay in the same bed as the woman. Every province is different, in Saigon and many other places, many men live with their unmarried women.

Thanks for your fast answer!!

Hallo Clausmoon,
Deine Geschichte klingt seltsam fuer mich. Ich bin dafuer, dass die Polizei here total gierig ist und dein Problem ist nicht so schwierig.. nur wegen des Geld.
Oder vielleicht.. die Familie von deiner Freundin wollte dass du und sie schneller heiraten werden.

I'm pretty sure the Co habitation law changed in July 2000.   It's no longer illegal to co habitate.   Do some googling ,you'll find the co habitation law change info.   
I know a guy here that has printed it off and handed it to the Cop concerned.    Get him to issue you a letter stating what law you have broken., and advise them you are aware there were changes a long time ago.   
Yogi , on the other hand , uses that b*** law to stop women moving in.u

You could always just buy the little dork a carton of grog and save the formalities.  It's hillbilly jurisdiction around here.  The **** are all related and make up the laws as they go along. 

That's what holding this joint back. 

It's all a game mate........but a cheap and amusing game to play in.

The carton of grog will be cheaper than marrying her anyway.   😆

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They just want money. You can stay in your gf house,dont need go to hotel. but your gf have to temporary registration for you. and then nothing happen with you


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You need to have your girlfriend's family stand up to the police.  You are their guest.  I know if they ever said anything like that to my mother-in-law she would read them the riot act.

Thanks Yogi very much for your helpful funny answer. You are right, there is no other reason to prohibit living with my wife to be, as only empty cup of tea of a landlord and I will let him thirsty for sure.
According to Article 33 on the Law on Entry, Exit, Transit and Residence of Foreigners in Vietnam I applied to register my residence and thats all I need to do.
For all, who are interested too in this subject: … -2000.html … ument_view … 5100002_en

Thanks for your answer. Good to hear thats not only me happens silly. I refused her pay dirty and until now i didnt hear from them anymore. Soon come back Europa. Next Time will see again.

Not True except that policies may differ between different districts and provinces.

What is not true? Can you clarify?

I was responding the person who initiated this conversation saying that it is not true that foreigners are not allowed to stay in same home as their partner except that I understand, too, that, depending on which area, region, province or district, the policy may be different.

Unlike countries that are federations, Australia and the US being prime examples, laws in Vietnam are pretty much national.  Interpretation on the other hand.............

Is a lucky dip?

as i know, you just have to register temporary residence in your girlfriend's house to the local police. if you stay in hotel, the hotel manager have to do the similar thing for you.

That is very true
If you are not married you must stay in a separate room and sleep with the father or outside. there must be a lockable door between you and the female . that is the law in all  Vietnam. Hotels must take your ID and any female who visits you the hotel will take her ID and make a copy .

Hi everyone,

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Thank you,

Sometimes I wonder if we are living in the same there another one?

I've NEVER had any problem with my girls parents house, or staying in any Hotel with my girlfriend.

We have our own apartment and 2 hours at the local police with the "expedited service fee" took care of everything as far as me registering.

On top of that, the police guy is now our best friend.

Grease some palms, you'll be better for it in the long run.


Thats why it will never cease, people keep paying.

Christine can you clarify the removal of some posts or are we to let people believe everything is just rosy here in Viet Nam.

dereese :

That is very true
If you are not married you must stay in a separate room and sleep with the father or outside. there must be a lockable door between you and the female . that is the law in all  Vietnam. Hotels must take your ID and any female who visits you the hotel will take her ID and make a copy .

I think you best look up VN law, it's not the law. It was changed quite a few years ago, but some rural areas stick with the old laws so as to obtain money. My wife stayed with me numerous times before we got married, she just had to be registered at the ward police.

exactly right - the same for me but regularly everyday for the last 5 years - just register with local police

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