Question for expats only

Best playas and place to live near Guayaquil?  Beach, prices of casas, commodities? Salinas beach is pityful with all those concrete buildings. Playas beach is beautiful according to google maps pictures but the town looks miserable. Dont know need advice for six months term. Dont want to go to Progreso to shop for toilet paper.... Thanks.

to live the best beach near Guayaquil, certainly Ayampe¡
the best beach in Ecuador, definitely, amazin Cabo Pasado Beach¡¡

Thanks promoters, my post was NEAR Guayaquil where my love is living thanks

you're welcome. Ayampe is magical, small, safe, very quiet people, many zen wave ... the prices of houses and land are not cheap ... And when you want to party, Montañita is only 20 minutes ...

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