Asking about Applying Visa to Malta

Hello There ,

First of all I am here to ask about my visa case. Im A Filipina and asking if i can still apply again for another visa going Malta.

My Problem is. I applied last time a Visa going malta here in Vfs Global here in philipines last july and now luckily the embassy of malta in beijing approved my visa. But the problem is during my flight when everything is ready. The Immgration ofloaded me because i was going there as a tourist in malta suppose but when applying my curently visa i have now it is shows only tht i was going to malta as tourist bfore and the immgration here is very strict specially if ur going out of the country as a tourist. 

But my question is. My currently Visa now is going to xpire and this time me and my fiańce decided to apply another visa again but now it is shows that he is my sponsor going to malta when applying the visa again. if i will apply again to the Vfs Global here for the visa again going malta after this visa i have. Is there any chance that the embassy of malta will still approve my visa if i apply again?bcus they approve my visa lastym ?but i was just got ofloaded by the immgration here only, And this time my papers to apply another visa is about me and my fiańce now and i will apply the visa as a family/friends visa and i just want to see him again but this time in malta now nt in by these is there any posibilities that they will approve me again? Or they will nt approve me now?

I will be glad if you guys can help me about this. Thankyouu & Godbless. 😊

I just understand some parts. They can and they can't. Nobody knows.

Complex question with many variables, you need to ask an expert - like the embassy.

Yes. But there is no embassy in malta here in philpnes.and i went already at the vfs global where i applied my visa.. But they gave me an email but the email they gave dont exist.

What visa did you apply fist time? Tourist?

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