Dependent Visa for spouse and child from India

I have applied for my Residence Permit and received the acknowledgement. I have the following clarifications.

1. I would like to know if I can ask my spouse and child to apply for Dependent Visa with the acknowledgement that I have received from Identity Malta or should I wait for my Residence Card?

FYI - I also have rented an apartment for an year and I have a rental agreement for it as well.

2. My Visa was stamped for 3 months and was only a single entry. Could you please let me know, how can I change it to Multiple entry? Is there any special procedure for it.

1.- Probably you should wait for your permit first. Right now you don't have guaranteed status here. Once you get your permit you can apply for your spouse and child.
2.- If you were given a single turist visa the only way to get a multiple entry is applying again. I had the same situation and what I did was to leave Malta (because I had some meetings abroad)  , applied for a new Schengen visa and came back. The acknowledgment they give you allows you reside here for 3 months. The idea is that you came to reside and you should wait patiently :)

Thank you for your reply

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