Living arrangements in BC, Victoria Area

My wife and I are both retired and are seeking long term housing in the Victoria area though need direction on what town is affordable for those on a fixed income. We really need someone in the know. Thanks much.

Affordable is a relative term and it would be handy to know what budget you had in mind.  Victoria is fairly expensive, both to rent or own. You can live in the outskirts, heading North along the highway towards Nanaimo, at a lower cost (but will require a car), but if you are looking for very inexpensive rent (perhaps subsidized?) you'll have to work with the government agencies and will have to be permanent residents of Canada. (Or so i believe.) Prices in Victoria run over $1000 per month and something in a reasonably safe, quiet area will be more in the range of $1700 and up. I would visit the web sites that offer rentals in Victoria to get an idea of what's available, how much it costs and if that's something in your budget. Use a search engine with the following phrase "rental properties in Victoria, British Columbia" and you'll get several large rental companies and other sites.

Thanks for the response. We know it is pricey and due to our fixed income, we will follow your advise and look north. We would like to keep it at $600+. A miracle right?  There is something out there and since we plan to stay we will pursue the subsidized housing at a later date. Did check out Craigslist in various towns to get an idea and really appreciate the wording for the search. Thanks again.

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