Moving to bc canada where is the best place to live?

Hi all
Me and my partner are thinking of immigrant to bc in canada.
But we are not sure where to move to so if you could give us any tips that would be great.
We would to live in a small town with shops a good school etc , have a house with some land and be near the mountains and forst and maybe a lake possible near a ski resort.

The best place to live is wherever you can get a job that pays enough for you to do more than just get by. Sorry, but living in small towns anywhere in Canada isn't easy. Property prices can be surprisingly high. Health services aren't good - you may have to travel quite a bit to get to a hospital or any specialist. Generally, the further away from the coast in BC you are and the further north, the colder and longer the winters. Read up on the increasing prevalence of forest fires in BC. Coastal BC including Vancouver Island might suit you but housing anywhere near Vancouver or Victoria is very expensive. It's a lot cheaper the further north up the coast or up the island you go but decently paying jobs are hard to get. Most work is seasonal and pays minimum age in these areas so unless you already have a business you can continue to operate profitably here, I would be very cautious.

Cannot agree more with what kirriemuir posted. The housing market in Vancouver (or lower mainland) area is terrible, hard to find something nice for a reasonable price.

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