looking for job opportunity in Australia

Hi, good day all

Here enas , Tunisian young lady based in Qatar since 3 years
I am looking for a job i Australia in any of the following fields
Costumer Services , Reception/admin assistant
My major was in IT but all my experience in Tunisia and Qatar is in Administration and costumer Care
I had a look online and searched about how to get visa and to be honest it's more difficult than Qatar.
I would like to mention when im trying to find which visa im eligible for i cant get any !!
I have no friends or family in Australia , i am planning to move there alone (if possible)
What are the reasons why i m eligible for working visa ? my total years of experience more than 6 years
Appreciate any help from the members
kind regards

If your occupation is not on the wanted list you are not going to get a working visa best stay in Qatar

Thanks for the reply ! … satunities in Down Under!
Currently i am searching jobs that are relative to my education and experience. … s=457+visa
This is the site I am using currently. I have applied few positions.
Put visa sponsorship in search field and look through the jobs, hopefully the jobs you interested will pop up!

Hi...I'm from india...  And now landed in Qatar and want to move to Australia. I tried applying for many jobs. But haven't received any reply. Even one reply.... Felt bad. Later I found that it us very difficult to find a job in Australia if already you are not there... So I'm planning for a PR. It is a points based system for skilled migration. It cost around 11000QAR. And I have just taken my IELTS. This is what I'm planning. Thought this could be useful for you. If you have any idea go to immigration Australia. They have clear details. If not message me. I will tell you...

Without a proper support of relatives, friends or company it is almost impossible to find a decent job in Oz that will make enough money to live....even with proper visa!

Oz are quite nationalists, if no Oz origins or experience... You might end spending all your savings and energy for nothing.

Moreover it might not be as ideal place to live as you imagine.

Many many have left the country after several years of stress...

You will have to go for volunteer work like forever, share a room with 5 etc..

Fruit picking, retail and restaurant staff underpaid jobs... 20AUD / hour if you are lucky maybe 3/5 hours a day... Rent from 200 AUD to 500 AUD a week just for a roof .... Make the maths. Nothing is stable down under,  always look for second or third job or a new place to live...

Just my 2 cents

In Oz :

- nobody will trust you,

- it is THE CERTIFICATE country, you need an Oz certificate for anything you intend to do (coffee, waiter, dog walk....) for a qualified job or to set up a company (construction for example) that might require 4 years of study or more with a lot of exams;

For a job:

- any office or recruiting company will verify evry single word you indicate in your resume (too many people lying on resumes ) if not possible to verify they simply consider it is false;

- you will need several OZ referees that will be contacted about your skills, experiences, work attitude (too many crazy people looking for just for rights) even for the smallest position!

- you better be very easy going and ready to support discrimination, hard work load and bad working hours;

Probably the same in any country for Migrants but in Oz like any other place the country  accept migrants after all the VISA business process and the money spent with no guarantee to get a living or non discrimination treatment.

The  VISA business organised by  the Governement. This business is huge, probbaly the best business in there,  creating a huge income for the governement / universities / schools and of course banks !! The Governement interest is to continue to sell the country to the never ending candidates... a membership to renew the best basic fit gyms ! Like tourism a fantastic business to bring currencies and cash into the economy...

The migrant exploided reality received in exchange of this life investment is not acceptable.

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