pre employment medical at Al Razi

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I have my pre employment medical at Al Razi Clinic in the next week. can some one please describe the procedure there ? what documents are required and how long will it take?



one of our forum member had shared the experience and process

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Thanks for the link. Any how today i have completed my pre employment medical at Al Razi Clinic.
I will share my experience.

As per the appointment time at 7:05 am, i arrived at Al Razi Clinic and took token at the entrance. A staff from clinic gave brief description about the importance of hygiene and some information about Cancer to the audience.

Thereafter Registration was done at counters 11-15 and they print one form for check up. X-Ray was done at Room # 9 and then proceeded to Room # 10 for Blood pressure check up and vision test. It was informed that results will be available online with in two weeks. No Blood test was performed.

The whole procedure took  1 1/2 hrs as there are around 40-50 persons by that time.


Thank you Mohammad1979 for taking time and sharing it with us.  :top:

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