Eligibility for Indian Dentist

Hi All, I came to Bahrain 2 months before and last month my wife and kid joined me as sponsored by my company.

My wife is a dentist and she just completed her BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgeon) degree in India. She received her register number and just waiting for the degree which she will get it next month.

Is there any possibility for my wife to practice as a dentist in Bahrain, if yes what are the steps she should follow. Please guide me

I believe there is a Licensing division at the Ministry of Health. I know a person who applied for license to practice but was not successful. Not sure what the reason was. However, nothing like trying.

There is an application form on this link: … sional.pdf

Best wishes.

Hi Farhaz,

Thanks for the application form. I will try it out.

[message moderated: free advertising not allowed on the forum] doing my internship in bds.
I hail frm india...i would like to work in bahrain after completing practise..what are the requirements that i should be completing before coming?(certificates needed)
Is there any exam that I should be attending to be eleigible to work?
kindly do inform me!

dear suhaira kadeeja,

to work with hospitals i don't think there is any specific requirement, i guess experience is the important criteria. You may want to visit the different hospital website and look for more information regarding the same.

list of hospitals : … in_Bahrain

good luck

Hi Aujinna,
My case is similar to yours.Did your wife able to practice in Bahrain as dentist?Just let me know the procedure.

Hi dear did u get a job in bahrain ... I recently moved n a freshers so kindly share your experience

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