Renting a car in Alicante Airport and drop it somewhere else?

Hi Does anyone know if you can rent a car from Alicante airport and drop it off somewhere else other then returning it back to airport.

Of course you can

What car company does this please as I can't find any at Alicante airport that gives this information and where do we drop it back to

Have a look at carjet

Will do Thanks

Yes, you can, well at least with Centauro, but they charge 200 euros to drop it in a different place.
I don´t know about other companies.

Hi, yes you can.  We did this in July/ August this year.  Picked up from  Murcia airport and dropped off at Alicante airport.  You will need to choose a hire company that has bases at both locations, and they will charge a fee for doing so.  Try Centauro.

Hi Pam,

I have a company in Alicante and I rent my cars from various companies all year around. Very flexible solutions, free kilometers (with specific companies), fully insured (choosing it obviously) and in the winter months definitely cheaper than owning a car.

I always use 'do you spain' - you have to google it, since posting the direct link here is seen as advertisement by the admins. On the site you can select which airport to pickup from and where to deliver it back.

This website also gives you the best prices, but do keep in mind the companies charge you heavily for returning on different locations. And keep in mind you have to pay for insurance and all the extras that companies charge you with as soon as you arrive.

Great pointer for everyone wanting to rent a car in general: prices might look cheap on the search portals and websites. But when you arrive at the counter all terms and conditions, insurances, combustion fee, extra driver fee, even fee for filling on gas and so on, comes into play, end up getting  charged way more than you initially planned for.

Really good idea to read their 'terms and conditions' both for the portal (do you spain) and the actual company that will rent you the car. Do the math before you arrive from stated prices on both parties' website.

I wish you the best of luck!

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Hi, this isn't specifically about renting a car in one place and dropping it somewhere else as we only go in and out from Alicante.   But having read the whole forum responses,  one way around the huge fees they try to charge you once you go to pick up the car, is to buy an annual excess car hire insurance.   

We buy this online in the UK, costs about £40/year.   That way they cannot charge you the exhorbitant fees for this insurance, which they will try to scare you into taking out at the airport.  They get quite cross if you do have this insurance, as they get commission everytime they make you buy it. 

We also use holiday autos everytime,  and with the XS insurance, we have actually managed to hire a car for as little as £1.00 a day when we come out in January.   

Good luck on the dropping the car somewhere else as I know from friends that this will incur a big cost.

We have just used Al Andalus Car Hire. They were brilliant, Dave Baxter couldn't be more helpful. We hired the car from Alicante airport and dropped it back at Almeria airport. I would use them every time. Daves phone number is 0034 664 269 440. Do not use goldcar they are a rip off and make you take out extra insurance you don't need.

Hope this helps


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