we would like to find a place to stay

Hi My wife and i would like to say hi to everybody here we are planning our first trip to Utila in Oct , we would like to find a place to stay for oct nov dec we would also like to know how long you can stay in Honduras as a Tourist and is it manditory to have a way home (airline ticket) to enter Honduras many thanks in advance and anything you could tell us about the island would be much appreciated!

Hi Rod L,

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Concerning the accommodation, you can post an ad in the housing in Honduras section.

I don't know much about Utila, other than where it is...have not yet ventured can stay 90 days on a Visitors Visa and, yes, you have to have a return ticket yo enter the Country...hopefully others will help you with the more detailed Utila info you are looking for.

Hello Rod, Margo is right on with the visitors visa, you can only stay for 90 days. Some of the tourists take into consideration going to Belice for a few days (If I'm not mistaken, you have to be 72 hours out of the country).... BUT! You can go to migration, La Ceiba would be the closest one to Utila, and get an extension. Some people don't know it, but it's cheaper to get a month extension than leaving and coming back into the country.

I live in La Ceiba, I lived for most of my life as a child in Florida. I don't know if I would recommend Utila for so long, it is pretty affordable though. Try touring the country instead. That's only my opinion though.

Let me know if you need any help with travel arrangements, I have friends who own a tour operator and can find you affordable rates in different hotels.

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