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I am a mastered prepared nurse in the USA. I am looking into buying a home in Roatan Honduras. I am trying to obtain information regarding the laws of working as a RN in another country. Would I be able to get a job in Honduras?

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Yes you will be able to work in Hn. You will need to become a resident first though. There is a process that requires an Honduran attorney and will take at least 6 months to process. Look up Honduran attorney and choose one on Roatan. Any of them can assist you with obtaining your residency status.

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You can easily get working residency on Roatan, but it costs several thousand dollars and takes 6-12 months.  Hundreds of us have done it.  Be very cautious about which attorney you choose, since I've seen people choose the wrong attorney and never have residency come through.  I recommend people use the triangulation method when dealing with anyone on the island.  It's a small place, so if you talk to three people about anyone, you'll figure out if they would be good to work with. 

I'm not sure if you can work as a registered nurse in a clinic or hospital (check certification transfers), but you could certainly do home health care for many of the foreign residents here from the first day you arrive.  That should also pay much better.  Having said that, they are just building a 14 room hospital that is associated with one of the best hospitals on the mainland, hospital cemesa.  You can google it and see some info about it.  They are about 75% done I think and say they will be open prior to mid year, 2015.  There is also a new clinic where they are doing stem cell treatments. 

I have a relocation and investment guide I can send you if you'd like. 

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Steve is correct. I have an attorney that actually wrote the Immigration Act and consistently get my clients residency in 60-90 days. Nurses get paid next to nothing so you would need to do your own business. Happy to help you out.

Hi Ed,
What's your Attorneys Name?
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The attorney is everything - mine ripped me off so be careful!!!  And he had a good reputation there by everyone and still scammed me out of money and did my corps wrong and kept my money and lied to me all through my real estate transaction....buyer beware!!!!!

So then you ended up changing your attorney? How much did you pay? Thanks

Hi Miki
Seem you want too many things at the same time; sorry if I'm wrong.
Why don't you just rent airbnb house for 3 months in Honduras then work as volunteer in the hospital or in orphelin partime: to obtain life experiences, relationships, connections, etc. .. before abandon your job in US or buy land or house in a strange place.
Honduras still a very attractive country to invest time-money-love but do not hurry because it's a last land/house on salle man said.  Maybe Some can have 2 or 3 nickname in this blog leading you in his/her circle.  So beware and good luck for your dream come true.

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