I live in the US but purchased a condo in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica.  Would like to open a checking or savings account there.  What is needed and/or how hard is it to open an account?

Yesterday, saw the newest info regarding opening account here and here It will be limited unless you are a legal resident.
Additional info.

my lawyer opened one up for me. i am a non resident. message me if you wish, i can refer you. she's located in Playas del Coco, Guanacaste​.

When I first came to CR on a tourist visa 11 years ago i opened a savings account with my passport. Years later, still under a tourist visa, I opened another savings account for my 6 year old daughter; she, a foreigner as well . I'm not sure what are the requirements now. Try to open one yourself without a lawyer. Nothing to lose, as Trump says.

We had no problem opening a bank account at Banco Nacional a year ago.  At that time we did not have a Cedula.  We went into the bank beforehand and were told what to bring.

I open up a bank account about a month ago with bank of Costa Rica and all I needed was my passport.

lol.   well this just shows that everyone has their own experience.   When i first arrived I tried to open an account at Scotiabank.  Could not do it.  Then a business acquaintance was able to open one up for me at banco nacional prior to my cedula.   Now w/ cedula have opened two more accounts.   it is funny though, every time I open an account they want to know my Social security deposit even though it goes to my US bank

It seems everyone who responded has had a different experience.

When we opened up a savings account with Banco Nacional they required the following:

1. A letter from our bank in the states indicating we were clients in good standing
2.  Two (2) years worth of banking statements; checking and savings
3. Two letters of recommendation.  One from a CR resident and the other from a CR business.

Check with the bank before hand and get it in writing and/or use your attorney for help.

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