I am interested to settle in Poland soonest.

AoA,  I  am a Pakistani residing in Kuwait currently, married and having 2 kids, working in an Oil company since 1992.

I am interested to settle in Poland soonest. I need your kind advice before i take any action to start immigration process.
I know its near to impossible to find a job with out polish language, which i have no idea at all. So i am remained with only one choice which is investment / or start a business which also i do not have any previous experience.

Recently I have come across an immigration lawyer who will arrange to help me settling in Poland by setting up a business in Poland upon paying him certain amount.

Please advise if you think it will be ok, keeping in mind my situation of already touching 50 and having grownup kids studying in Pakistan.

Do you think there are some fake lawyers in Poland?

Thanks for your prompt response.


I would not set too much store by any lawyer who offers to get you into a country by paying him so much money.

Perhaps the lawyer is quite honest and efficient. At that, you may need to ask yourself whether the costs warrant whatever benefit there is in setting up your business in Poland. If you have university-age kids in Pakistan to support and related expenses, what do you propose doing here, that you could not as profitably pursue at home? Unless you hope that a Polish visa will help you set up a business in Germany or some other, wealthier part of Europe; I'd second guess any lawyer who claims that this is readily accomplished.

Fake lawyers in Poland? Not many, but  the real ones are scary enough.

However, if for other reasons you'd like to make your life in this interesting country, good luck and welcome.


Contact www.mosis.PL. This is good immigration consultant.

First of all, I would strongly recommend to start learning the language as soon as possible. Poland is no different to other countries. You need to be able to communicate to get any little bureaucratic thing done. Especially if you want to settle a business.
Some people are coming without even basic language knowledge, but they usually already have a job.
I used to live in Germany (10 years) and the UK (15) and still can't believe that people are taking the local language as not essential.

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