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   I am a female from Seattle who has just arrived in Fajardo to start a collaborative business here.  I am reaching out to, perhaps, a retired ex-pat who can mentor me.  This is my first rodeo and given the history of the product, it could be a wild ride!

Welcome!  I suspect many looking to re-locate to PR also consider starting a business there, and depending on the nature of the business, that can be a fairly simple or terribly complex process.  I came across this article a short time ago, and you may find it useful.  It's targeted for entrepreneurs aged 50 and older -- don't know if this applies, and my mother taught me not to ask  ;-) … epreneurs/

Check the small business administration, they have mentoring programs and lots of advice. You have one in Fajardo.

Puerto Rico Small Business & Technology Development Centers ~ Inter American University Fajardo Campus ~ Fajardo Regional Center
Union Batey Central
Road 196
Fajardo, PR 00738 … 004a8806b6

District office at … 00cf420b6a

   I am over 50 but under 60. :)
My business is a bit tricky in that it is one that had an established brand worldwide and is being brought back.  I want to cut to the chase. I want a personal mentor. There must be an ex-pat retiree nearby who could fill those shoes?  I did not choose the island, it chose me!

This is an excellent article! Thanks so much for the reference! Im working on my applications for grants and found this helpful.

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