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If you know of a business or person that provides a service that other members could use. Please make an entry in this page. It will remain available long after the particular subject becomes old and it is archived. This way your recommendation will be around for a long time. … erto-rico/


Doctors, Lawyers, Realtors, places to eat, favorite watering hole, church, scuba shop/school, furniture mover, hobby shop, store, favorate roasted pork place, bakery, school, any type of business that you think will help people in this forum.

Members who visited the place or received the service and like it, should give it a LIKE. This will help others trust it.

Your hired!! lol

I just want to advise members that this forum is monitored by me and many other senior members (from many countries) and also by the management of the forum.

We recently had 3 situations were posts were either hidden or deleted due to a little too much self promotion of a business created by one of the members. These self promotions or promotions of some business should be posted under the new business section: … erto-rico/

I am pro using that section but not necessarily for the removal of the posts.

I believe that an expat that starts a new business if proud of his/her accomplishment and should be able to let the rest of the members know about it. However management is not necessarily in agreement with me.

I am trying to make a case for some to be re-stated, but the best you all can do is use the above link and maybe offer others your experience of what it was like to open the business, the ease or issues you encountered in getting the permits and tone down the AD part. A useful post is a lot easier to defend than one that just reeks of being an AD.

Please share your experiences with the members when you open a business, many others would want to know what it is like and it is part of what this forum is all about, helping each others move to the island and stories of success.

I will do what I can for you but I am not a voting member of the board. If you would like to talk about this I am a PM away.

Must a whole thread be deleted because of one post? Why not just delete the post in question? Just a thought.

In those particular cases the first post that created the thread was the one in question, the other posts were responding to the first post, so the 1-3 response post had no reason to exist on their own.

I read EVERY single post to any of the subjects in Puerto Rico forum shortly after posting as I get an email on my iPhone, a delay of an hour or two while in the train or more if sleeping occur, but during most of the day I read them within an hour, likely minutes. While I may or may not respond for a number of reasons like nothing I can add to, or thinking how best to respond, or waiting for someone local to that area to jump in, I am still monitoring each post.

That actually reflects in your post count as well, RayP.

The numbers are actual posts or responses, reading does not increase the numbers.

I don't mean to hurt you, ReyP. I was just kidding. Don't take it seriously.  :)

Can anyone offer a recommendation for a bank on Vieques?  Thank you!  Is Banco Popular the only one?  If so, is that a good one for a newcomer? thank you!!

Banco Pupular is the only bank I know off that will let you open an acccount without you being a resident of the island. As to availability of other banks in Vieques, I have no idea.

We use Banco Popular because of the convenience of their website. They're also the only bank from PR (that we know of)that have offices in the mainland. We transfer money between our main bank in the mainland and BPPR and never had any issues.

I recommend Banco Popular as opposed to some other banks that shall not be named.

There are other banks, but I suggest you start with Banco Popular and later switch based on your needs

Banco Popular has branches in NY & Florida

Any thoughts on Santander?  Thinking about opening an account before I move.

US Santander and PR Santander are not the same bank.
You can wire money from any bank to any other bank or deposit via a bank check but need wait to clear.

Oh! Good to know! 


I have an account at Santander and one at Banco Popular. Your money will be safe at either bank, but if I had to vote for one or the other, I would choose Banco Popular.  More convenient and their online banking services are more user-friendly for me.

Ok, well I'll just wait until I get there and open an account and Banco Popular.  Online usability is important for me.

Looking for someone to help me out with food truck permits and any license that is needed. I'm in US and need to accomplish as much as I can before getting to Vieques. Any recommendations for someone who does running around service?

I guess you did not read the 1st post which is the head of this subject.

I just want to remind members that If you know of a business or doctor or lawyer or school, or church or maintenance person or any other place or profession you consider can provide services to our members please make an entry at … erto-rico/ so others can take advantage of those services.

A pretty "clunky" form for submitting recommendations.  I just put up a recommendation for a start-up company from a couple of my students.  They have no physical address, no telephone number, just a kick-starter campaign.  Selling t-shirts and sweatshirts to buy schoolbooks for children (in Haiti and elsewhere).  Making the recommendation with that form was putting a square peg in a round hole.

I don't want to violate the terms of use, but I'd like to share this campaign ---  I suspect some members might wish to donate.  It's a pretty good cause.  I'll send you a PM, Rey.

I send your PM to the monitors, given the nature of the beast, it may be possible that they accept the post, Ill let you know when I hear from them.

When you state you transfer money from one bank to another does that mean you have to do that with in the same Bank or is it two different banks?


Most banks you have to be in person to request the wire. :)

Frankie1adrian :


Most banks you have to be in person to request the wire. :)

You may have intended to direct the response to someone else.

The best way is to go in person to the bank you are withdrawing from and order a wire transfer to the second bank. Yes you need be in person.

A bank check or even a personal check can be deposited in the new bank if you are not in a hurry. Bank checks clear fast, personal can take much longer.

Thanks Rey.  If allowed, I'll probably put it in the "everything else" thread.

By the way, I tried opening a bank account in Santander during a trip to PR and they would not allow it because I did not have a PR permanent address.

Banco Popular said no problem and opened it just fine. I recommend it at least as a startup bank and once you are permanent in the island you can decide if another bank is better for you. BTW Banco Popular has the most ATH in PR and a branch in many places, like Frogrock said, a lot more convenient.


Their best option would be to check what the requirements are when it comes to wire transfers. I worked in the banking field for 20 plus years and the customer always had to be in person. Another example the bank I use requires me to be in person to withdraw from my IRA.

Agreed, I do not remember saying they could do it remotely.

I transfer money in and out of my Fidelity investments IRA on the web site. Hardly ever have to stop by Fidelity Office. The only time I had to be present was when signing for the account and when I wanted to add a second bank as a place I could draw from or deposit to.

I always go to the bank for wire transfer to another bank.

I have an account in BBVA and another in Banco Popular. You can transfer money between them, it takes about a week to reflect the transaction. You are limited to $2K/week maximum.

You posted information regarding Puerto Rico and citizenship to Spain, can you provide the link and any information.

tvcampo :

You posted information regarding Puerto Rico and citizenship to Spain, can you provide the link and any information.

Try this link abount Spanish Citizenship … tionality/

Also … andparents

Last but not least, stop by the spanish consulate and discuss your particular situation.

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