Best way to find someone in Jakarta

Hi everyone. I am really trying to get hold of my step mum Endang Haryati Rowland to let her know my father has passed away and I really need to speak to her but unfortunately I have no contact details for her.
I realise its a long shot that anyone might know her but she was part of the expat community when my father was living there.
Has anyone get any suggestions about the best way to find someone in Jakarta?

HI PippaMiln,

sorry to hear your news about your father, perhaps you can find it by her last post on this forum or searching on social media if she had
feel free to contact me

best regards,

Thank you
Unfortunately she wasn't on this forum and I have searched through social media and can not find

So your dad was an Englishman and your step mum was Indonesian. Were they married and do you know where and when they got married? The British Embassy in Jakarta may have records relating to your father since usually foreigners need to obtain a Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) from their Embassy in order to proceed with the marriage to an Indonesian.

The email address of the British Embassy in Jakarta is:


Not sure if they would be able to help but it may be worth asking them.

Also if you know whether your father worked for any particular company in Indonesia it might also help.


They were married and I need to find out if they got divorced. I will try the embassy and see if they can help out at all.


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