Demo Class Music Together in Bucharest

Hello, I am Andreea from Bucharest, a music teacher and licensed in an American music educational program called Music Together. Saturday I will organize a free demo class for parents/caregivers with children of age from birth to 5. It will be very fun.

For details of the event you can check on Facebook here: You can enroll directly on page:

Thank you!

Hello Andreea :cheers:

I invite you to drop an advert in the Music Classes in Bucharest section of the site as well as Create an event about your upcoming event so as to better share the word with our members.


Thank you Kenjee! I will do so!

Have a nice day,

Hi, I am looking for music lessons in Guitar for my son. Either home tutoring or in a school. Pls suggest

Hello Sirisha Roddam,

This is an old thread, you should drop an advert in the Music classes in Bucharest section of the website so that you might get some offers.

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