Spam alert : be careful ...

Hello Friends ,

Unfortunately this forum is also started hitting by spammers , today I got one such message from one of the forum user .

Admin please block the user "godspiece60"

Here is the message

"I greet you in the name of the Lord, I am a sick old woman living with long time breast cancer, as I was checking through my online dairy the Lord touch my heart to contact you. I want you to help share my wealth of $2.5m USD to the less privilege,Motherless babies and the needy mothers. If this could be my last wish before the Lord calling,  and all I ask from you is your sincerity and honesty to do this mission with love and fear of God. Please do email me at my private email address so that I can reply you and explain better to you, for you to understand better.

My email address is: <email removed >

I will be waiting for your email.
Thanks and God bless.

Mrs. Patricia

I am sorry for your experience!
Unfortunately, this forum is not completely safe from SPAMmers, but we're doing our best to remove them as soon as possible. Therefore thanks for reporting this incident - it will be talen care of immediately!

Hi Aryan_sg,

thanks for your help, I've banned this spammer !

All the best,


Thanks for prompt action Julien !  It's our share responsibilities to keep this forum clean so I did my job :)

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