How to change sponsor of Social Visa

Dear all,
This is our first post and would like then to extend our thanks for all your tremendous work, we really appreciate it.

We are about to spend a few months visiting Indonesia and would like to apply for a social visa. Obviously this is not gonna be for job related activities.

The matter is, if our sponsor were from West Java and we needed to make our visa extension while visiting, for instance, East Java, should we return to our sponsor's city and get back to the place we would be visiting? Would it be possible otherwise, if we found any available locals, to change our sponsor in order to extend our visa in that very place? (By the way, can a single person be the sponsor for my wife and I?)

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You can apply for a 60 day visit visa without having a sponsor.  That visa can also be extended here up to 4 times, each time good for an additional 30 days.  This visa is essentially the same as a sosbud visa. 

At some point during the extension periods you will likely be asked to provide a sponsor.  If you don't have one, you can hire a local visa agent or in some cases, a travel agent to act as you sponsor (for a fee of course).

Agreed, good post.

An Italian citizen should have little trouble (save the usual paperwork),  especially as you intend to move around the country, making any possible suspicion of illegal working unlikely to be considered.

Just for information, why do you wish to visit this wonderful country?

Many thanks for replying.
Well, although we've been travelling around a bit, we've never been to Asia before. Indonesia is pretty big and far as well, and it has so many different places to visit indeed. Would just like to extend our stay the more we can, since we have some time off and staying for just a short period would not really make sense. And, we think it is not that likely that italians come over to find a job, but we could be wrong. This is not the case at all though.
We read about the 6-month-visit visa without the sponsor but we could not figure out whether it was still possible to apply for it or not. Local embassy didn't provide us with clear information.
We will dig more into this, thanks!

Don't refer to it as a 6 month visa...because it isn't.  It's a 60 day visit visa which is extendable up to 4 times, each time for an additional 30 stay, 180 days.

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