Usual duration for a short term flat rental in Glasgow

Hi, I'm planning to move to Glasgow and I would like to know more information about the usually  rental terms.

What is the usual duration for a short-term contract when you rent a flat in Glasgow?

On many websites it just says short or long term without any time specification.
I heard that most of the landlords prefer to put 6 months as minimum term, because of the short assured tenancies law.

Would it possible to find something shorter such as 2 or 3 months?
Any suggestion would be welcome.


I wouldn't know. Scotland has a lot of different rules to the way things work in England. I have rented flats and rooms in London as a student but there wasn't a fixed period for the tenure. Hopefully someone with more knowledge can assist you or perhaps can google the answer for you.

Thanks for the answer.

On other forums some people told me that it was up to the landlords to choose the term or to make an agreement with the tenant. So it's possible to find something for a shorter period than 6 months, but as they have more security with a 6 months let, most of them still prefer to rent their tenancies for a long term.

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