Bocas Del Toro

Is it a wonderful place for retired Americans to live full time?  Is it possible to live comfortably on $2000 per month for a husband and wife?

I would say no to that. Bocas Town is a tourist town aimed primarily at dudes and dudettes with surf boards, loud music, rental bikes and ATVs, not what you would call a "laid back" lifestyle. Only YOU can answer that however, and you need to visit to see for yourself.

Thank you so much for the info!  Do u live there?

Hi Mike and Nancy,    I think if you want to live on the isle of Colon ,these comments above are correct but there are more islands and most are with retired expats living on them. if i was going to buy in Bocas del toro (and we didn,t want to leave when we were there) it would not be in Bocas town it would be on one of the other islands . it is a diff type of living that is for sure you have to be the adventurist type,boats are your car , we are leaving for Panama on Saturday our fourth trip this time for a month ,we have a couple of opportunities but the one we want is to live on a island in the Pacific in the Boca Chica area , all i can say is just GO investigate ,the journey is almost always more fun then the destination!!!

Thank you so much for replying to us.  We are actually in  Dominican Republic right now and finding out mostly tourists in Punta Cana, so on to another plan. 


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