Hi All ..I New and Looking for Jobs at Bangkok

My Name is Budi Arianto Kho (Budi Kho) ..I am an expert in Retail Business, In this past few years I have achieve lot of target as management needs such as controlling annual cost budgeting, tax planning, increasing net profit by more analyses in finance and accounting report and also in sales and marketing department. Self in confident to do control the finance and Accounting department and all the department in the office such as Sales and Marketing Department and change any procedure in the time being for improvement.

High energy In Sales Team as a Managing Director (my last position) General Manager Sales, Accountant , Finance manager  controller   and  management professional with exceptional interpersonal and communication  skills and an extensive background in the following broad-base competencies: General Manager Sales & Marketing, General Manager Finance & Accounting, General Manager Operational, Retail Development, Finance Manager,Accounting Manager, Receiving Manager, Operation Manager, Retail Operation Mgr Controller, Assistant Operation Director, Merchandiser Manager.   
My personal strong in demonstrated in leadership, strong sense of business, strong interpersonal communication skills and also excellent negotiation skills. Able to perform all aspects of the job without help recognizes and corrects things that are wrong and able e to answer all routine queries and questions. I ready to traveling intensively for business.

I am a multitalent person with more than 23 years of experience in all division such as Accounting, Finance, Operational, Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Audit and Controller, Set up New Retail Business, Procurement, Logistic and Administration.

I am looking for a position, jobs at Bangkok Thailand, if you all have any information please do not hesitate to call me or message me...

I am 44 Years Old and already have a small family with 2(tow) boys.,,,

Please advised how to find jobs and how about living in Bangkok Thailand..thanks all

Hi Budi,

Foremost, Sawadeekap and welcome to Thailand. Though I've called Thailand home for the last 8 years, in no way am I an expert so to speak.

However, with regards to your question and extensive résumé, I'm inclined to post a reply (though this is my very first post in this forum) and perhaps, you might find it useful.

Firstly, yang paling utama sebelum kau terusin langkah mu adalah...tidak lain dan tidak bukan, kuasai bahasa Thai. Well, it's one of the most important rule to ease your transition and in fact, applies to any country where English is not the native language.

Tidak mudah ya Budi, namun tidak juga mustahil. Maaf jika Bahasa Indo ku kurang tepat...udah hampir dua dekad waktu ku pelajari bahasa mu. That's one of the key to open the door's to your endeavours.

But getting employed here as an expat is not easy as it seems to be. Bluntly, there's no denial that you are qualified but, you are not the kind of 'expat' of choice...if you get what I mean.

Though, there might be an international foreign company that would need your expertise but then again, English is not your native language. Please do not misunderstand me by thinking the negatives, but as an employer I would not have given you the time of day.

Though, as an Indonesian you do have an advantage for the AEC has already been in placed. Consider starting your own business as opportunities are aplenty if you look closely and with keen eyes.

Also, the work permit and visa situation here are not in line to render help but rather hinders us as an expat professional.

With your qualifications and tenacity, I can only see you succeed in the near future. I would be more than glad to assist in areas whereby, I have a modest knowledge of.

Wishing you well and best regards!

Semoga Kamu Berjaya.

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