World war 111

when is world war 3 going to start

I doubt it will...why you know something we all don't? Hopefully the The Donald gets elected and fixes the mess Obum / Killary has caused.

if you dig deeper into the news you would  find out the Germany is on a stock up with food and water footing, Poland is gearing up and NATO is moving people around,

Well let me chime in and all I can say is it ain't pretty, it's just a matter of time for some country to do something really stoopid and every country will start with conventional tactics men on the fields,armory,planes,ships and anything a country can lobe, yet no nukes for that would be really stoopid, one way to kick start every swinging countries economy is a good old skirmish if a country can afford to participate(kkkkk) it costs money for weapons and all the countries are flat broke (kkkk) it's amazing man's aggressive behavior and anger leads to destruction. I'm glad you asked me what I think (lol). I think all the world leaders or cowards(a matter of preferance) should put on wrestler tights and no cups (kkkk) and let them fight it out in a open field and winner takes all (kkkk) My money is on the guy from Russia he's the bad arse (kkkķ). I also keep up with world events and that crazee guy with the bad haircut take your pick as one is on each continent will be the firsts ones out. I remember a Olde video where the leaders who had a problem with each other met in a field,took off there jackets and ties and slugged it out now that's what I call fun. The world is on the brink of some catastrophic nightmare and at my age I'm not in a caring mood. I do care for the children and the ones who will inherit this mess as for now I like back seat driving. I'll weigh in later for I all ways keep a months supply of food and water just in case the powers that be do something really,really, stoopid. I am not making light of anyone's point of view. Just my Rant

i see , Germany's considers return of conscription for civil defence

I wouldn't worry, the Brazilians couldn't organize the World Cup or Olympics, do you really think they will be able to organize the boat ride over there without 10 years notice? hah.

i think your right, the problem is the ones that might fight a war, "can organize", and might get that boat, and come here

It all depends on how stupid the politicians get.

we know there stupid, but the people must be more stupid for putting them there,

spanishpete :

we know there stupid, but the people must be more stupid for putting them there,

Hitch hikers lizard argument.
Lizards rule because everyone is too scared to vote for a non lizard in case the wrong lizard wins.

Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy, I know it well  :thanks:  :thanks:  thanks:  :thanks:  thanks:  :thanks:  thanks:  :thanks:  thanks:  :thanks:

There all Reptilian, does that includes $nake'$. Ju$t a que$tion. War'$ co$t and it's always the poor bombing the poor. We're going to need construction workers and engineers after its all said and done. Just keeping with the post/ ouch.

Unfortunately, It seems to be very soon
the news I read these days are not good at all
Russia, China, Nato .. all are gearing up

Mohamed.Omar1 :

Unfortunately, It seems to be very soon
the news I read these days are not good at all
Russia, China, Nato .. all are gearing up

They sure are, and the propaganda from all concerned tells us how the other lot are all evil, nasty, eat babies, and always put the milk in before pouring the tea (The English will understand that), all without the slightest look at BRICS vs. Petrodollar.

The intelligent will look at the real situation, realising it's all down to daft politicians and cash, but the majority will still believe the lies from their favoured side, and want to believe the stories of baby sandwiches and no table manners.

Politicians' greed and stupidity is the Enemy, not any given side in WWIII.

I totally agree with every word you have said!
unfortunately we "People" are the victims of the corrupt greedy politicians
I don't want to talk about the mass/crowd/people and how they believe the media, it drives me crazy when I took to locals in Egypt for example, I feel like am living in an ancient Greek myth, people became brain washed by the media
regarding the situation on ground, the tension between the big powers is getting very high and some analysts say it is a propaganda and some say it is real conflict
unfortunately the people lost its authority and pressure everywhere, and it is now in the hands of some crazy people and am afraid of someone stupid triggers the Armageddon!!

It's possible some fool will think they can win a nuclear war, but I really hope no one is ever so idiotic as to try it.
I know people from all over the world, and had dinner with a wide selection of them. As a Muslim I'm told I hate Israelis, but I've shared meals with people from that country and had a great time. The Chinese are supposed to be the nasty aggressive monsters at the moment, but I've found the hundreds of Chinese people I know to be lovely. Same goes for any and every skin colour, race, creed, religion or people with other than 'normal' sexual preferences I've ever met.
Differences are there to be explored and enjoyed, not hated.

Armageddon!! that will happen, but not here in Brazil, but once they have bombed the crap out of each otheres countrys, they will look around for some where to live,,, theys a nice place, thats not been bombed, its brazil, why dont we live there,
so then there, all going to come here, and turn brazil, into a crap hole they left

Make love, not war,and i tryed to in the lat 60s and eary, 70s
but cant do any of that now
The wife wont let me,

Some fool will push the ruddy button down at some point maybe or it will be conventional and hand to hand and small weapons with a occasional nasty surprise weapon of human destruction,the answer , the war  planes,tankers,bombers,boats etc. The idiots who are pressing the issue should meet in Brazil at the Boxing Pavillion in Rio and maybe the Gangs will handle the world's problem leaders, and the G8,G21 and all the alphabet and numerical countries or what ever the powers that be are known as the red, the blue, the green, the orange team or whatever the powers that be want to call themselves maybe the Cowardly Avengers(lol) so anyway back to the story, the powerful guys and gals should put on boxing gloves and wail away till a winner is declared and then on to the next pair and have the final fight by New Years and we will have a New World Order. Problem solved. Anyway I agree let them make the world a mess for I hear due to the air current from the south pole if there is nuclear fall out the winds from the south will keep the fallout  away from Brazil . I'll get back to you on that. Thanks for letting me Rant. That's my 5 cents worth. I'd like to be a judge for the fight for everyone would leave on a stretcher with a concussion for I will not stop the fight./lol

I'll bet 10 bucks on Rouhani flooring Obama in the second round.
Xi Jinping has no hope against against Angela Merkel; he'd be out cold on the canvas after her first right cross.

That or make any twit who wants to start a war lead from the front lines.

I as the as the official Matchmaker declare all Participants take part in a caged match and no biting, it is a King or Queen of the World match. My guy is from the Philippines.Ouch!. Last Person Standing wins a Ride to Mars.

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