Fellow English speakers in Lecce?

Hi there!

Geoff here,  i'm heading to Lecce for a month in Sept.. Looking forward to it :)

I can work remotely (laptop and wifi) so plan is to base myself in the city, work four days per week then travel around or relax at the weekends..

Have heard not many people speak English and i don't have much Italian!  So if any expats fancy a coffee/drink sure let me know.. See you there!


hi there Geoff, I'm not an expat in Italy but if you'd like we can meet somewhere for coffee or tea or whatever... just got back from england, unfortunately if you're around Lecce you know is storming ...

Hi Geoff! Are you still in Lecce? I saw you are from Galway and I used to live there for 5 years (then Sligo and Dublin). I loved there and miss a lot!!! If you like to meet for coffee or pint, let me know.

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