Wanna meet new friends to help master Italian

Am guy ,wanna have new friends who can help me master the Italian language because I speak English.

Hi!  I got your friend request but unfortunately I'm in Milan .. On top of that don't speak any Italian (yet!) so won't be able to help much, I expect .. I am also new here in Italy. I am attempting to learn though :) I've been using an audiobook and Duolingo (Android app.)

Ook,thanks though am also doing same by learning through android apps ,hmm ,it little touf thou but still trying to get it
It only that i don't have no one to communicate with easily but am cool.

Keep trying!  I'm sure you'll find some folks nearby. Look at posts people have posted (in your area) and see how they relate to you.  Or, can also make friends by going out for a beer or coffee. I've noticed that Italians are very social and like to hang out in bars and cafes! :)

Another option is to find a cheap community college that teaches Italian. I haven't found one here but when I was in Germany I did that and it was inexpensive and a great way to meet folks and practice.

Waoo ,that's good,I will try and very greatful of you been able to attend to my help, bless you and pray one of this days we all speak Italian together. Thanks

No worries mate!  Good luck!

You r welcome!  Italian and I speak english. I live in Rome. What about u?

Am in Lecce ,how I wish I had a help,but am trying ,thanks for your concern, I will appreciate if you help me

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