What about arranging expat meet ups in Lecce for this New Year?

Hello to all the Team and Members of the Expat- blog community, and Happy New Year  to everyone!
With the  new Year  what do you think if we both local people and foreign people of any nationalities , living everywhere in Puglia, arranged  meet-ups in the city of Lecce or  also in other cities of Puglia?
That would be interesting experiences for all of us,  and plus that would be a good chance to make new friends and exchange mutual help , and brush up English, German, French, Italian ......
I think that could be a fantastic way to really unite the big expa-community living in Puglia and the local people who are interested.
Just let me know if there is anybody who might be interested.... and in the meantime  thank you for the attention !


Thank you Maximilien !!!!  I hope to read also from some Members  !  :)

We are talking about living in Lecce three to six months a year and are coming to visit this March to explore. We would love to get together with others in Lecce and learn about living there. Let me know if you were able to arrange any expat meet ups. Tracy

hello there everyone, it would be lovely to meet somewhere... so keep in touch!

FANTASTIC IDEA! I also note that you are in are wife Nikki and I currently live in Lama but are in the process of moving to Talsano.
My home email is xxx

Sounds good to me :)

:D Hi Kamal,

Welcome to salento  ih hope you enjoy it, sound good to me if we can meet in lecce let me know  cheeeers

Hi all

Have some get-togethers been arranged yet for expats in the Lecce area? All expats are welcome to join [Moderated] - as soon as we have enough members I will organise some get-togethers in Lecce!

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Count me in! Coming back to Lecce (from California) end of October through mid-December 2016. Would be especially interested in a get together for Thanksgiving.

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