Looking for dining companions in Lecce and southern Salento


I'm a house and pet sitter now in the Maglie area, female, and am finding exploring the food scene a little restrictive, because it's such a group tradition here, and I'm just me. I never see other women dining alone, and I feel quite obvious. I've been travelling for 3 years now and 35 countries now, and am very accustomed to eating out alone, but this area has been a big challenge for me, and I would love to meet people that just want to go out for a bite and a chat. 

I've been here for a month, and will be here for another.  I have a car and would love to meet up.


Would love to have dining companion with another English speaker, but I am car-less and rely on taking the bus. I am now near City Terminal area. Lunch would be great. Don't know how to connect??? Will be in Lecce thus time till mid December.

Hello!  I'm so pleased you responded.  I do have a car, and would be happy to fetch you. I'm new to this site, is there a way to PM you?

Just sent inquiry to the site about PM

Hi girls,i live in Lecce too,would love to meet if still interested,you can send me a PM to arrange!I have the car too!

Yes, fotinella!

(PM, I figured out, is pretty easy...)

Hiya,Have gotten contact requests and would like to request adding you to my contacts but..scusi, how does one do this? Pls excuse my ignoranza!

just click on my name!

Hello ColoradoHiker,
While we can't help with your Lecce/Salento question as we are further south than you, your username attracted our attention. We live in Italy now but are originally from the Boulder, Colorado area too. If you would like to get in touch let us know.
Frank and Ora

Hello Frank and Ora,

You can't be too much further south- there's only 40k to the bottom of the heel from me :) A meet would be lovely.  I was hoping to go to Leuca next week.


p.s. I'm from Boulder!

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