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Hi there im from malaysia will be visiting Bangkok in this month, looking for a new job and planning to have a new life in Bangkok, Im experienced working  in online game trader for cosmetic items, also in internet cafe in malaysia as part timer and i am interested in hotel customer service if im qualified. Hope you guys can have any offers do let me know, appreciate the help thanks

Does it mean you are only holding a tourist visa? If yes, you are not allowed to look or find a job there not unless someone will sponsor you and give you a working permit. I don't exactly know the process but anyone who has a tourist visa should not in any look for a job. Anyone here can contribute more? so we can help BalaRaj.

Thanks for the advice, i havent got a job yet but i hope i can meet someone who can advice me on this and the procedure, so for now i will just be visiting and doing my survey first

Hi there, finally i managed to set an appointment with one of the ceo there that involve in esports, is just a casual meet up, at bangkok, will be in bangkok on 24 aug.

He is allowed to look or ask for job on tourist visa. He is not allowed to actually work on this visa. Before he will start work he need to make work permit and working visa. Seeking job is OK (Y) :)


Thanks Mr Kularius

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