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Hi everyone,
My name is Giang from Vietnam but recently moved to Istanbul. I live in the area called Ulus which is provided by the company I work for. The whole apartment has its own wifi but it's actually quite poor quality and specialty for someone who need to call back to my family in Vietnam every two days like me, it's unacceptable.
So, I'm thinking about getting my own wifi. But I don't know any internet company and I also don't speak any Turkish. So if anyone could give me an advise about which company I should contact, what do I have to do or how much the wifi would costs, etc, that would be so great.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Many thanks,
Thanh Giang

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Wrong topic, sorry!

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Hi Thanh Giang,
First of all welcome to Istanbul, the area you've moved is good place and in the middle of everything.
For your internet connection problem, i thing youre not using fiber internet , you need to apply for faster internet: fiber internet. I am sure that Ulus area has a fiber connection.
You can visit Akmerkez mall to speak with customer relations of Turkcell Superonline or Turk Telekom. Most probably Turkcell support is better than TurkTelekom because of English speaking.
You can visit:

Thanks so much for your answer.
I also just went to Turkcell yesterday ( the one in Akmerket) to get a sim card, mainly using it for internet, but the data ran out so quick. There was about 4 guys working there but none of them seemed like good at English. The guy served me couldn't tell me how much everything was in total, so he had to write it down using the calculator.
Anyway, that's not why I make this topic, so move on :)
Can I ask you one more thing? How much do you think the fiber internet would cost a month and how much to set it up at first?
Thanks so much again for your help!


Hi Thanh Giang;
I advice you to not to use sim card for long duration usage of internet. instead you can apply for fiber internet. it is faster and much cheaper then sim card.  i will give you the prices. I'm using Turkcell-superonline fiber internet  without any limitation for 59.90 Turkish's very fast and reliable and no connection problem. here is the price list: … kampanyasi
I'm sure that Ulus area has fiber infrastructure. if you use sim card you will loose so much money. but in case you need sim card internet : … e=sub_menu
8GB limitation price is 55 TL per month.
as you see if you use fiber internet at home you will pay 59.90 without limit, but for sim card 8GB limit.  +905325320000 is the customer support line.
if you have questions please feel free to send me message, if you need further assistance i may help you around Akmerkez area, contact me.

Hi all

Fiber is not available in everywhere, it's something matter of building.

Giang I am native Turkish and I may help you if you wish. Just let me know details like what kind of connection you want, why you use internet etc. I am a computer guy and I'd be happy to help :)

Do not hesitate to pm me if you would need.

if u wanna i can any fee no any pay for it, i can understan u..many turkish people cant speak other language.. so hard for u. see ya

You can even try Vodafone,

Thanks so much for every single answer, I really appreciate that.
I recently asked the principle of my school and she said she would send someone to help me set up my own internet soon, maybe after Bayram.
Again, thank you so much for your help!

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