Calling outside of turkey?

Hi everyone

Can someone please tell how to make calls outside of turkey, international calls? In the uk we use phone cards to call anywhere in the world I haven't been able to find anything like that in turkey?


Turk Telekom has calling cards that are available at select TT stores.

You will find phone booths in abundance to call from. They are in turquoise color and can be found near transportation stops and in malls.

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Use dunya 1 saat
Or use call back known as (zaga).

thank you can you please tell me the names of the phone cards? My local turk telekom doesnt seem to understand what i want


You can ask for 'Telefon Karti'.

Hope this helps

Hi Salma,
If you have a mobile with a Turkcell SIM card and travel abroad just dial *111# before you get on the plane.

This code then allows the mobile to use other telephone providers to connect calls while you are abroad.

Good luck, Dimps

Hello Salma,

I am using mobilevoip application. This way you can call abroad for free or a couple of cents per minute (depending on the country).



We are using the Skype to phone. Cheap and easy just create an account and top it up when low on money

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