Hello! Im new here to Expat... Looking for sailing opportunies

I recently completed sailing lessons (ASA 101/103). I am incredibly hard working, a fast learner, & I have over 11 years experience dealing with high net worth clientele in the financial world. I also have 6 years experience in Management in high stress environments, so I am very calm & gracious in all situations. I am incredibly discrete, professional, diligent & adventurous. I have a very successful track record of meeting quotas, & fulfilling compliance requirements, so I have a high attention to detail. I am looking for yacht or sailing experience to further my love of this sector. I LOVE international travel, I speak English fluently, & mesh well with all kinds of nationalities. I have traveled extensively to such places as Japan, India, Brazil, British Columbia & of course, lots of wilderness trekking as well. I also have an avid yoga & meditation practice which I love. So I do appreciate a bit of quiet or alone time.. The ocean is really one of the few places left on the planet anyway where you can find peace & quiet away from civilization. I'm looking for other like-minded easy going sailors as well, that don't want a party boat. And as a matter of policy, I don't discuss politics... Ha ha.

Hi Amy if you visit porto montenegro  you will find some places that you might be able to put notices of your interest in sailing up in shops. there are lots of sailing boats in Porto Montenegro I am sure you will be able to get a crew position as you seem to be so enthusiastic about sailing and it helps that you have completed some courses

Hi Kumbor, Nice to meet you. Thank you so much for the info!

No problem  I hope it can help you with your quest for sailing.I did some sailing myself in flying 15 .it's a great experience  being out in open sea with large waves and the boat lifted up on its side.

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