How to get CPR

Hello Friends,

I am really in need of looking out for help.

I received the Type D Visa stamped on my passport. And now I am still figuring out how can I proceed with getting the CPR.
It would be great of anyone can guide me with the steps for getting the CPR.
I goggled many websites showing that I have to travel to Denmark and apply for the CPR at the mentioned centers with the documents.
I have all the documents except for the residence proof. From where can I get the residence proof and how much time generally it takes to get the CPR after applying for the same.
As I am working and can take utmost a leave for 15 days to travel to Denmark. So please guide me with your suggestions.

You shall have a permanent address to be entitled to a cpr-number. Your permanent address doesn't have to be an apartment. A room will do, but please note that a room at a hostel, a hotel, a camping place will not do for this purpose.

When you have found a housing, you and your landlord will sign a contract. This contract will do for a cpr.number.

That means that you cannot fix it during a vacation in Denmark, but have to wait until you have arrived permanently.

Normally, you'll have the cpr.number within the first three weeks.


Thank you for your prompt reply.
So after arriving in Denmark, and renting a house when can I apply for the CPR like 1 month or 3 month or 6 month?
Is there a way of getting the renting agreement on short term as I am working and could not able to spend more then 15 days.

I am not sure that I understand your need for a cpr.number? You talk about 15 days, but then you don't need a cpr.number, nor will be entitled to one.

A cpr.number only gives sense if you live in Denmark. It doesn't give any rights in itself. It is just an identification number for the authorities.

So sorry.. I don't meant to confuse you.
I applied for the Denmark PR and it got approved. Now currently I am working with an organisation on contract which will finish on Feb 2017. After that only I can think over applying for the job.
But the PR will expire in next 6 months if I do not get the CPR. And for getting the CPR I want to have the rental agreement proof say 3 months old. So I was looking out for help on renting agreement proof. I will get the leave of maximum 15 days from my office so it is not possible for me to go ahead with 3 months... So just checking if there is any way I can proceed.

Still confused ......, but I think I understand so much that I will say this isn't the way forward.

You have to come within the 6 months or give up the idea of coming here. And for my own account, I would add that I would give up the idea of coming here if we are talking GC.

It isn't easy to find a job, and further, you'll have to meet the income requirements. I don't think this will be realistic.


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