Remit money from Oman to Australian Bank

Hey guys, newbie here. I would like to know the remittance center that can send Omani rials to Australian banks like NAB. Thanks in advance! :) share love!

Hi Cappy911,

Given the vast numbers of expatriates residing here in Muscat, you will find almost at every corner of Muscat, a Money Exchange / Remittance outlet.  And, almost all hypermarkets and malls too have these money remittance outlets.

For a nominal remittance fee you can transfer funds to any part of the world from these outlets.

Hi Sumitran,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, you are right but not all of them are able to remit money to Australia directly to a bank.

To other members psrticularly those with Aussie conncection... Please share your experiences. Share love! ☺️☺️


I transfer back to CBA in Australia via UAE Exchange.  Just make sure you have the BSB, Swift ready as well.

Good luck

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