Zika and low e insulation

I know there was a thread somewhere about fears of moving because of Zika. Watching the CBS news tonight  Zika and Puerto Rico  came up.  Now Puerto Rico is in a medical emergency. So I did a little research  and math. 3.5 million people  10,000 cases.  10,000/3./!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\  = roughly .003. But a 1/4 of the population will have it by the end of  the year. There are 1900 new cases.  Maybe I am missing something hear but that kinda sounds like "Chicken Little and the sky is falling " thinking.

OK another subject I was reading thru Rey's post 9n budgets  and several people mentioned lack of  insulation  in houses. Just wondering if anyone is usin low e insulation

If the website is deleted do a search on low-e Insulation. I put this on the underside of the hood of my truck. There is a 30 degree differance between engine compartment and out side of hood. It also works as a sound  deadner

The 1900 is in a week, the real number is larger than 10,000, most people are never tested and mosquitos are agresive.
But luck will have it that most people never have any symptoms and in a few days they will be inmune, the real danger is to recrntly pregnant women and the rest can simply avoid getting pregnant for a while. As I understand after they are bitten they are inmune and if they get pregnant after that there is no danger.

So why not just get exposed and get it over with?

As to insulation..... If your windows and doors are open insulation would help keep the blocks from radiating the heat inside during the night. But the real value would be to a closed house with airconditionel, in that case it will help a lot. Some of the construction can use good insulation but most people prefer to save the money and just use regilar blocks.

Does the DETT  help?  Are you on the mainland or on the island some of your post indicate you  are still up here and others I am not sure.  I am counting the days to our trip

My 2 cents..Im local to PR..only know 2 people with zika and they are alive and never thought they got it!! have never got dengue chikungunya or zika, think is just a matter of location, taking measures and 1% luck.. Brazil hs all of the above in huge quantities..and no one is dead or sick..yet??!!...

Tropical weather is cold hot humid dry  and all in need for heaters may be blankets in christmas air conditioning in summer if you don't like 95° in summer... come here and enjoy the fun!


We will be down there next month for  two weeks. I sent you a PM

hturner12 :

Does the DETT  help?  Are you on the mainland or on the island some of your post indicate you  are still up here and others I am not sure.  I am counting the days to our trip

I am Native Puerto Rican, I am still in the states but ill be moving to the island in about a year. I already have the lot in PR where I will be building in the future. I have a lot of family still in the island and they been after me to move back.
I visit several times a year and talk with a lot of people.

DETT seems to help. These mosquitoes are mostly day time, regular mosquitos at night. Should wear repelent all the time.

Sound like we may be moving about the same time

I am depending on my wife having Two knee replacements and recovery before I can put my house on the market, then it is up to the buyers.

I have to oscopes on my left knee in 2 1/2 years.   Si I feel for her

By declaring Zikah an emergency, they can get their hands on federal money.  Regarding insulation: Houses here are built with cement and there is no need for a heating system, so insulation is not a big factor.

I know you don't need it to keep warm. Somebody had mentioned the blocks keep the heat in house making it harder to keep cool

Concrete is a thermal sink, so it heats and cools slowly.  What that will do in Puerto Rico is keep your house cooler than the ambient temperature in the morning, and warmer than the ambient temperature in the evening.

As far as construction for insulation goes, modern concrete construction is a fusion of concrete and foam insulation.  Here's an example of a system used by a builder in Rincon:

Don't know what its R-value might be, but that's gotta be a better-insulated wall than a standard stick-built house with fiberglass insulation.

Typical ways to keep your house cool are high ceilings (12 ft. or more), ceiling fans, or mini-split air conditioners.

That why I see high ceilings listed in all the real estate ads

Yes I have been looking into the M2 panel form of construction for a while, not only does it provide some insulation, but it also cuts down on noice and the building is created a lot faster. According to the documentation it is a cheaper solution for manual labor because it takes a lot less time to build and each panel can be carried by a single person and put in place.

The key is to find contractors that have experience with this form of building. I will likely build my house with it.

Nice video

We both been traveling back and forth between PR and the mainland for the past few years. We have yet to meet someone with zica. As some folks here had mentioned the local government is trying to capitalize on the zica virus to get some money from the federal government. I'm not saying is not real, but our government is exaggerating the issue to get more grand money. I bet most of that money will be diverted to "others needs".

Its the US that wanted to fumigate PR with Nalad...and its the US media that seems to be    blowing the Zika situation up. Not the PR gov.

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