Travel to India with out receiving CPR

Hi friends

I have the RP stamped in my passport when I entered Bahrain and it happened at Airport itself. My pre employment medical is scheduled on 20 September 2016 where as company says that my CPR is in process . Is it possible to get CPR with out completing the medical ? Is there any way to check the CPR process status through the system?

Is it possible to travel back to our native country even if CPR is in process or is it mandatory to receive CPR before we travel?

Please advise


I dont think there is a way to you can personally check the progress of your CPR, your PRO/Agent will should able to give you an update, he should also be able to tell you whether you can travel without CPR/Medical done.

The RP you mentioned was it a green sticker or Ink stamp which got stamped onto your passport and what is the validity of it?



Thanks for the information. The RP is green sticker and its validity until 2018, please advise


Since you have a valid RP stamped on your passport you should be able to go out, but just to be on the safer side its better your PRO/Agent gets this clarified with the concerned, i was never asked for my CPR when exiting or entering the country till date.


Ok thanks for the update

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