Potential Expat teacher

Hi all

I'm Alicia. I've applied to teach English in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. I applied via Teach Away, and have been successful through the telephonic interview. So I'm now anxiously awaiting the next interview for the January intake.

I am also a single parent. My son will be 4 years old by the time we get there ( Note my optimism  ;) ).

Therefore, my concerns and apprehensions are many and great. I suppose then, that you guys could assist by sharing whatever information and experiences you feel I aught to be aware of, be it from the perspective of a South African, a teacher, a single mom, or anything else you may feel may be valuable to share.

Good morning from New York!
I have also applied through teach away! I'll be going to UAE within a matter of days, although I don't have an official date yet.  How exciting for you and your son that you'll be traveling together!
My advice right now would be to pay your bills, start clearing out what you'd not need, make sure your documents are in order and be patient these things take time
My advisor is Elaine. Who is yours ?
Take care

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