bringing things with you on the plane

I know this has been tangentially covered numerous times on numerous threads...but not specifically, what is the best way to get something like a 70" ceiling fan down to DR.  I'm flying Saturday into POP direct from Toronto and got a great deal on a 70" fan with remote and 72" downrod (necessary) But the downrod came separately even though I ordered it all as a package.  The box with the fan would be my pay for checked bag($25)...within dimesion/weight criteria...but the 72" pipe would be a second bag and that would be $75!?? with westjet...but you can check a whole bag of golf clubs for free!  It's not desperate...we are coming down as a big group in we could each take a piece then...and fly a different airline...

Has anyone had success bringing things like this in...and not paying extra?

Sorry I am no help on this one!

Good question.  You may get the info if you call your air carrier

Bob K

I did...they gave me a non-answer...that maybe the guy taking the baggage won't charge me oversized but I can't know that until I'm there...and after calling Delta turns out anything more than 62" inches is not allowed on flights to STI or SDQ??  And even so they would charge $200!  The whole fan only cost 200! I said, I'm so glad to be having these issues...means we have a place in the sun to have complications with!  :D

Love the attitude.   It will serve  you well here

Bob K

So some how they never charged me oversized luggage fees... For either the boxed fan or the long down rod... I have a picture  of it up... But you can't attach photos here...

We tried out lifestyle resort.... there a three on that topic here?....

Good for you!!! Woooo. Hoooo. 

Start a thread on it!!!

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