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I am an American professional assigned to work in St. Lucia for one year starting in Oct 2016 and I am hoping to find a room to let in someone's home. I have a Ph.D. in organizational development, have lived in Asia and Africa, traveled widely, am very independent and in my late 50's. I'm single, sedate, friendly and helpful. I love to cook and garden and am talented in many skills related to business development.

All I want is an air conditioned place to rest and relax when not working. My job will be located in Morne Fortune and I do not want to invest in furniture, etc while keeping my costs low. Any ideas of help on how to accomplish this will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Hi, welcome to the forum and here's wishing you fun with your expat adventure.
The housing button at the top of this page might have something for you, or you can place a free advert in there.

Hope all works out well.

Thank you

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