Does switching schools require me to change my student KITAS also?

Halo all!

I have two questions, and need answers rather urgently, so if possible, I'd appreciate if anyone could help ASAP!

My husband and I came to Indonesia in Summer 2015 as students. We obtained a 2 year student-visa that expires in August 2017.

For a year now, we've attended a boarding school in Kediri, but after being there long enough, we have come to realize that there are a lot of issues with their credentials and their teaching qualifications. Since this school was not what they portrayed themselves to be, we were recommended by locals (now friends) to switch over to a boarding school in Malang which is much to our liking and are willing to accept us.

My first question is this:

-Since my husband and I already have student visas with another year left on them, and we plan on switching over to this new school very soon, must we change our KITAS and go through the immigration process all over again, or do our current student visas still suffice (since afterall, we will still be students)? Or Is our current KITAS limited and specified only to our current school?

Now my second question:

My husband and I recently had our first baby a month ago here in Indonesia. We just finished the process for obtaining him a US passport, and now need to move onto getting him his visa (since he is still considered a US citizen).

Whereas my husband and I have student KITAS, according to immigration laws, our baby will most likely get a family reunification KITAS, since he is considered a dependent of my husband.

-In such scenario that it turns out my husband and I do need to update our KITAS afterall, does that mean our baby's KITAS needs to be applied for after our new student visas are completed? We are concerned about applying him for his visa too soon, then learning the hard way that we need to renew his since we had to change ours.

Please let me know if I need to further clarify anything. Really looking forward to hearing some answers quickly! Thank you!

I would suggest you look at this website because it contains very useful links and information which will be able to help you with your answers

However I would recommend a trip to Immigration and ask and also to consult with the US embassy for advice. I am sure other forum members will be able to help further.

I wish you luck

Inform immigration of any intended changes asap.
Your visa is likely to be for study at a given location, so they will want to know of changes.
You will have to inform them of change of address anyway (That's in the advice thread on the Indonesia page).
If the new area is coveted by a different immigration office you will also have to request that change. This is done at the office you deal with at the moment.
Your sponsor may well have to write a letter authorizing the changes.

Thanks for referring me to that site! Even if I don't find my specific answer there, it seems like a great resource for other things on my mind as an expat!

Also, I tried my local immigration office. Sadly, my bahasa is still so limited, and no one there spoke English, so trying to explain my complicated scenario in my broken bahasa only confused them.

Google translate isn't perfect, but it's really handy.

Any change of residential address, sponsor etc must be reported to the Immigration right away, if your papers are not conform with your stay permit you take the risk paying a huge fine if get caught.

Usually if someone change the sponsorship of the stay permit (KITAS) you have to EPO and start all over again but probably in your case holding a student KITAS it may be possible and efficient if your current sponsoring University issues a letter that they approve that you change the sponsor as Fred was saying also.

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