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University of Puerto Rico in Rio Piedras will be offering Spanish again starting in September in the continuing education division.  Go to
The course description is on pages 14 and 15.  It meets once a week on Saturday.

Good to know. Thank you.

Until you move you may want to look at this course, my wife uses itto learn Spanish. It is conversational, you learn to speak it, read it and write it. … 29-2606662

We've been using the App Duolingo. I highly recommend it!

Thank you so much!  My son is 18 and knows very little Soanish. I will definitely register him for this class. Thanks a million...

I have Duolingo as well. It's free and interactive. If not for me having a business that requires 24/7 of my time, I would benefit much more from it.  But I do log in and do the lessoms when I can. I do recommend it because it is immersion amd your can do it at your own pace.

Most of the timeI take a more passive approach.

I listen to Latin music all day, and do a translation of the lyrics through Bing Translate. It doesn't take the place of concentrated study, but I hear the language while I'm working and I can easily get a translation. It's not conversational, but the music stays with me and I even dream of the lyrics. So it kind of gets into my subconscious.

Your son being a teenager, could learn a lot from listening to the language, beat and pulse of the music (IMHO). I won't take the place of fornal studies, but I think it will get him in the groove and give him a better appreciation for Latin culture. Music is the univerxal language and it defines Latin culture.

That being said, I do find myself interjecting Spanish words and phrases on a daily basis, often without me realizing it  Not because I study them, but because I hear them and have them somehow integrated into my brain.

I guess I really need to just set aside an hour a day to Spanish studies, just like I set an hour to Zumba.

I also used DuoLingo which was helpful but I really found the lessons in the podcasts for Language Transfer to be even more helpful. There are 90 lessons. with a teacher and a student, ranging from about 8 to 13 minutes. I'm almost done going through it the second time and when I'm done I'll go through it a third time. It's free. Here is the link for all the lessons: Language Transfer Spanish

Also, I've recently adopted the habit of carrying around at least one index card where I've written down either vocab words or verb conjugations. So whenever I find myself with some time, whether it be walking somewhere or waiting in a line, I can whip out a card and study.

Very good ideas, Rich. Thank you.

I've had good luck with books targeted at teaching kids Spanish. They are very easy to understand, have lots of pictures and activities, and I figure if I can have the vocabulary of a 5th/6th grader (or even younger), I'd be in good shape for most conversations.  :)

Try to get him registered today for the classes at the UPR in Rio Piedras, but there is a minimum of 10 students to start the class. So far my son is the only one, but we have a week and a half to see if there are more people interested in learning Spanish. Right now we are checking the Duolingo. But thanks everyone for all your input.

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