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Can someone explain in detail the process for visa on arrival for americans? I have heard the you can stay for 3 months but looking online it only shows 14 day tourist visa. So a little confused on how it would be possible to stay for 3 months?

Also the cost for these? (seen both 25bd and 5bd)

Thanks in advance

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According to the e-visa website, the 3months option (visa on arrival) does not show up for US Citizens. … &A0S=a

You may have to enter Bahrain with a 14days visa and extend if needed at NPRA.

I am sure if someone has more info on the same, they would reply back


Thanks for the info, follow up question on exit flight. is it required to have a depart flight out of bah booked before you land? planning on staying for 3 months then leaving just not sure where and when exactly.

Thanks again


I believe this clause will hold good only for people applying for E-visa, not for visa on arrival. … &A0S=a

(click on See Conditions)


I have a bussines visa 31.01.2017- 02.03.2017. My question is if i come to bahrain in 20.02, i should return before 02.03, or i can extend my return??

There are 2 things to check for  the validity of the visa and stay period.  You need to entry the country before the validity of the visa expires, stay period starts from the day you enter the country

So if I enter for the first time in 28.02 for example, the validity begans in that date??? Because in my cash reciept the expiring date is 02.03. Sorry for my continuous questions bt is the first time i applied for a visa

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