Getting Hungarian citizenship by way of decent

I have been thinking for some time of applying  for Hungarian citizenship via the simplified process, for the purpose of gaining more options with regards to possible locations for work and study; I am a rising senior in American highschool, and interested in going abroad and becoming closer to my Hungarian heritage in the future. My mother was born in Hungary and immigrated to the US twenty years ago to marry my American father, and I speak fluent Hungarian, so it seems to me I qualify for the simplified naturalization process. I have, however also heard of the regular naturalization process, for which I may also qualify. While I have found application forms online, I am not sure what to do with them once I have filled them out. I understand that I would have to attend an interview in addition to being with in at a Hungarian consulate, but I am unsure of how to find the one nearest to me.
Has anyone else with similar circumstances undergone the process? Do you have any specific information thereof? I would greatly appreciate any advice! Thank you!

Apply through the regular process via mail, you don't need to interview, just send in the forms to the embassy in DC. See here for details: … nship.html

Note that if your birth wasn't registered in Hungary you'll have to do that before sending your citizenship application in.

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