Sponsorship of EU-Partner's Parents to Non-EU partner

How is this possible? Partner will only be graduating soon and his family wants me to move in with him in the Netherlands. Is it possible for them to sponsor me on my partner's behalf till he graduates?

You haven't given us much information to go on.  There is a useful article written in the Handy Tools/Expat Guide link at the top of this web-page.  If you can't find it, try following this link.

Thanks for your response.

I can't think of anything to add on. I've read all about visiting to the Netherlands already. I have no other problems in just visiting -- but what we're going for is the long term stay. As I've said, my partner is still studying(soon graduating) so he's not yet capable on being my sponsor yet (No income yet) but its his parents too that want me to come that's why they're willing to shoulder the financial issue on this situation but we don't know where it will fill. Like it is easy if it was my partner since he can just put me as his partner, but its his parents who want to handle my stay for now, so my question is how is it possible if its his parents?

Contact the IND as they can provide you the update information.

Assuming you have read the advice I previously referred to and have to go the MVV route; it will depend (as many legal things do), on the definition of what "Private sponsor (individual person): a sponsor of a family member." means.  My own interpretation is that at best, you're a "friend" and do not qualify as a "family member", so are not eligible for sponsorship from a private sponsor; but I'm not an immigration lawyer and maybe the Dutch system is more liberal in its interpretation.  My advice is the same as Primadonna, contact the IND and ask them.

Hope this helps.

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