Where to renew visa in Hoi An easily?

I will be in Hoi an for one year , I will have a three month visa, what is the best way to renew with the least hassle .
Thanks for any help

(chuckle)  ..I've been here for over 3 years and (still) trying to figure the best method.

As for the least hassle?    I (try to) treat my many mistakes (mostly trusting what 'others' tell me) as lessons I needed to learn.    All those years of teaching (and learning)?   WOFTAM.

(Waste Of Time And Money)

  Tertiary training in concept analysis, developmental psychology and epistemology along with correlating and cross-referencing have (so far) proven only to confirm my own private (dis)belief system works.   For me.    Good luck with yours.

The upside?   You will (very) quickly develop an open mind.    You'll need it.

...or become a chess master..?     I thought I was until Viet Nam taught me too...

Read ALL the posts.   Research.   It won't make much difference, but at least you are controlling your own experiences.    Gradually you will get the gist.    The rules change so quickly (and the goal posts move too)   

My 2 Dong's worth?   Take a deep breath, stay calm, pray.    Hasn't helped me, but..?

Oh yeah.   Just do it.

p.s.    My cryptic humour is too dry for complete objectivity.   Read between the lines.         :idontagree:

Hello Divedog49,

I am not up to date with VN at this time but when I was there, I went to Cambodia or Lao for a few days then go back to VN. It is depending on where you are, you can go to Cambodia, Lao, or China visit for a day then come back on the sameday, it is unlike Europe that you have to live for more than 3 months before you can go back to the host country.

Hoi An is near Lao, you can catch the bus or asking around Hoi An to see if anyone else need to renew their visa and rent a car for ~ $25 (I am not sure if it is the same or more) for a day trip.


You can renew a 3-month visa in Vietnam itself only one time ; I am sure a Hoi An agency can take care of it (check with Pink Cloud), or Immigration in Danang ; after, you have to get out ; why not taking the Danang-SIEM REAP direct flight (with a letter of invitation for the new 3-month visa on arrival back in Danang), and visit the fabulous temples of Angkor (3 days minimum) ?

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