Job offer in abu dhabi - No response since 12 days!? Help!


i was interviewed for a faculty position. The outcome was positive. I have been asked to provide my certification to proceed with recuriting process. Despite this, it is been 12 days and i was not provided with offer letter nor i am clear about recuriting process and it is length.

Can someone kindly, help me out to understand the recuriting process n time taken for it?

Thanks alot

Sounds wired to me, if you already had an interview and it was a positive outcome ( meaning you passed the interview) then next stage is signing a contract with the company and moving on in getting your working visa which is getting your particulars such as your passport and certificates etc.

If these things are not going on. Then i won't advise to continue waiting. I did say send an email asking for an update if not given, move on and find a new job. And beware that it may be a Scam! if they ask you for money in acquiring you a work permit or any other thing connected to them employing you.

no worries , it is not a scam. no money was asked n my docs were submitted to them. Iam just waiting for their nxt move but it is taking sometime with no clue from my end

After the submission of your documents and have signed your contract with sometimes take time in applying for your work entry permit but not long unless they might have found a different candidate. But better yet email the companies HR and ask for an update. If after 2 emails and you still do not hear from them. i did say they might not be that interested in you.

Yes better option is emailing ... thanks flex14

They should have been issued the offer  letter and if you trust then forward your details and recruiter then will conform from them.

Unlucky! they said for this academic year , it iz difficult to recurit me , perhaps an excuse. I will seek my own way. But what ,thanks guys for your help..

12 days is nothing here but sadly if you have not heard from them do not be shy to lambast them a little then move on, move on . ,,.

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