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I have been deputed by my company to vilnius and will be staying there for long  , probably 2 years. i will be moving alone initially and after about 6 months my wife and son will join me (my son is 2 months old and hence i am not bringing them now).
i would require to rent an apartment  from October 1st and i am ready to stay for an year .

what would be ideal cost/month
Do they take any advance amount?
is there a possibility for providing an rental agreement prior for teh EU blue card applcaition.

let me know if any one can help and i will have my company;s HR contact you .

any help or any leads ?


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While waiting for members to tip in about your queries, I invite you to read the following article from our Living in Luthuania expat guide.

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The cost per month will depend on the location, size and quality of the apartment. For example, for a 2 bedroom apartment located in the center, you can expect to pay 600 euros per month if it is in poor condition and 1000 euros per month if it is recently renovated. A similar size apartment located outside of the center can cost about half of that.

When you sign a lease, expect to pay 1 month rent in advance plus 2 months rent for a security deposit. So, if you rent an apartment for 1000 euros per month, on the day of signing you will pay 3000 euros.

You can discuss the issue of the rental agreement with the landlord. You will find that when you apply for the blue card application, you will need to have a signed lease and the landlord will have to give "permission" for you to stay at the flat. They will do this by either coming with you to the immigration department or signing a document in advance that will need to get notarized.

Use this website:

To find apartments for rent. You can search in English and then if you see an apartment you like, you can contact the person responsible via the website. But be warned, about half of the time, the real estate agent will not return emails.  If you find a flat you really like and they do not respond to the email, you have to call them.

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That helps! - much appreciated .


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