Expiry of vitem V

I work for a European company, and this year started travelling to Brazil visiting factories to which we have supplied equipment. I obtained a VITEM-V visa and stayed in Brazil for 11 days this June (2016). When I had the visa registered at the federal police, I asked how long the visa was valid for. They explained that the visa was valid for 90 days independent of how many trips I made, ie I now have 79 days left.
This sounds unlike any other visa procedure I have heard of. Can anybody explain?

I believe your visa should state that it is a multi entry visa.  Overall it should have the validity and other details listed on the bottom of it accordingly.

Basically as per my understanding you should be entitled to stay for 90 days and it should be extendable for another 90 days, hence as of now you have utilized 11 days out of it.  All of this of course is only valid if it is a multi entry visa.

Yes my visa is multiple entry. The numbers at the bottom does however not state any validity, at least not in any way I can decipher.

So the visa is valid as long as I have not stayed in Brazil for more than 90 days (or plus an additional 90 days if I get it extended), theoretically until 2024 when my passport expires?

Hi Orange12

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Please note that I have double checked on your visa type and I can confirm the following information:

a.  Visa Validity should be mentioned on the visa itself, usually it is valid for 1 year.  if you cannot find it then you should contact the issuing embassy in order to have a better idea. 

b.  It is valid for a total of 90 days and multiple entry must clearly be stated on the visa as that is at the discretion of the embassy.  (I believe you have already mentioned that it is a multiple entry visa, however I have listed this fact as this information is being shared by all forum members)

c.  For the extension please note that it will be based on the discretion of Policia Federal and MTE

I hope this information is helpful and please feel free to contact us if you require anymore clarifications



Hi Stanza,
Thank you for your reply, I will check with the embassy. As I mentioned before the expiry date is not stated in the visa, and the numbers at the bottom does not indicate an obvious expiry date either.

Hi Orange12

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or as we say in Portuguese "Bom Dia"!

Please do keep us updated with the response from the Brazilian Embassy for your respective city and let us know how it goes.



Hi Stanza,

The reply from the embassy is that the visa is only valid for 180 days from the day the visa is granted.

They confirmed that I could travel in and out of Brazil as many times as I wanted to, as long as the total no. of days does not exceed 90 in the 180 day period.

I can not apply for a new vitem-V visa for 180 days after the expiry of the old one, and i cannot apply for a visa in my no. 2 passport either.

It seems that this may not be the right visa for my purpose. I will typically only spend 1-2 weeks in Brazil 2-3 times a year, and the factories normally require a work visa for me to enter.

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